To What Purpose?

Why the blog? That one’s simple: I occasionally have thoughts to express, experiences to share, or news to convey. I know from having an RV blog for nearly nine years that I will get few readers. So it’s just for me and a few others.

Why the switch from full-time RV travel to motorcycle? The reasons are also simple when you get right down to it: a) I’m getting along in years (63 in a week) and it’s best to do things while I still can rather than just dreaming about them; b) I enjoy riding motorcycles; c) there are lots of places that I wanted to explore that I could not easily (or at all) reach in my motorhome.

Wheeler Peak, shrouded in clouds.

An example of the last reason is the Wheeler Peak Campground at the Great Basin National Park. The road is too steep, I barely made it 3.5 miles up it to the Lehman Creek Campground where I was campground host last year. My transmission temperature was getting too high and I could only crawl at about 15 mph the final half mile. I think it was another 9.5 miles of twisty 8% grade to the upper campground.

Part way up to Wheeler Peak Campground on my Kawasaki KLX250S. The road was closed at that point due to snow.

I would like to camp up there and other such places. I have utilized the little 250cc motorcycle I carry on the rear of my motorhome to travel the last leg to locations, but it’s not the same. There’s an itch that I want to scratch, a desire to head out thataway with everything I need packed on my bike. The road calls…

The 2013 BMW F700GS pictured at top—shown just as purchased—is now nearly kitted out for long-term travel starting the end of March. The RV & little bike will go into storage. I’ll try it out till mid or late October and see how it goes.


4 thoughts on “To What Purpose?

  1. Hi!

    Good to have an update from you and a new blog! I follow a few that are out on their motorcycle, you can certainly get back in places an RV can’t go. It also inspires me to limit all the stuff. Looking forward to your journey in 2020!!

    Be safe out there, I’m on my way to Big Bend TX.


  2. Acually the traveling/motorcycling seems more straightforward to me than what you do at night or on days of bad weather. I think those latter two things will challenge your creativity and practicality.


    • I’m trying and failing to think of what would be different at night or on bad weather days compared to my current full-timing situation in a very small RV. Being “closer” to the weather? True, but I’ll be warm, dry, and comfy… albeit more cramped for space (good thing I’m not a claustrophobe); I won’t have thick walls but ear plugs and noise-reduction earbuds will help ease any noise issues; I have made sure that I won’t run out of power for my devices; and since I’m pretty much 100% using my iPad mini or iPhone SE at such times—reading, listening to podcasts/audiobooks, watching videos either resident on my storage or streamed, surfing the web, texting or emailing people, even occasionally writing a blog post!—I think I will probably survive as I have the past nine years doing the same. I don’t play on my computer if the sun isn’t shining on my solar panels, so no loss at night or during weather.

      Not being able to occupy myself with computer games on sunny days is more of an issue, I think. I shall need to find other diversions aside from the usual hiking. It’s not like I’ll be traveling every day…


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