Gadget Lust

WINTERHAVEN, CA—Sometimes serendipity strikes and something turns out to be just right. I’m typing on such a thing now.

Using iA Writer with its focused mode. When a draft is finished it can upload it to WordPress for me.

The astute will notice immediately that it’s an iPad. An iPad mini 5th generation, to be precise. And it’s attached to the Brydge 7.9 bluetooth keyboard. It’s constructed from a single piece of aluminum, like the iPad itself, and it comes in matching silver or space grey. Mine is the latter (I’ve had the iPad nearly a year, BTW).

Tastes vary. For me, about 7.9” is pretty much the ideal size in a portable writing/media consumption device.

It doubles the weight of the tablet, but that’s good. It makes it “lap-able”—it can be used in one’s lap without flopping over backwards. The keys are solid, no wobble at all, and 1.2mm key travel is enough to give assurance that a character is typed. Most important of all, the layout & feel allows accurate touch-typing, though I admit I’m still getting used to the cramped space. Yet it’s amazing to me that it’s actually useable at this size.

The iPad mini plus Brydge 7.9” bluetooth keyboard fits perectly inside a Moko Sleeve Bag for 7-8 inch Amazon tablets. Soft and padded, I won’t worry about it during my travels.

Now I have a “laptop” for my journey that barely sips power and which reverts to a tablet in seconds—I simply pull it off the keyboard, nothing complicated. When it’s attached it sleeps when closed and instantly wakes to whatever I was doing before I closed it. (Well, I have fingerprint security engaged and need to put a digit on the sensor before it completely opens up.)

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