WINTERHAVEN, CA—I don’t know whether or not it’s true but I heard of an extension time past April 15 for LTVA (Long Term Visitor Area) facilities & stays. It might be unofficial speculation. What I have learned for sure is the following:

Signs placed in the middle of the LTVA access roads.

That’s the same as on their web page. So I’ll continue to plan on leaving April 14th.

Taking a walk along the All American Canal was not wise: mosquitoes are swarming!

Yesterday marked nine straight years of full-time living in my motorhome. During that time I have met many wonderful people. I’d say 90% or so of my fellow RVers are honest and law-abiding. Unfortunately, it’s always the minority that ruins the reputation of the rest.

Public land & campground access regulations are mostly on the honor system. There simply aren’t enough law enforcement rangers. The dishonest scofflaws among us full-time RVers take advantage of that. It’s a disappointment, but I’ve seen quite a few of these lately. Enough said—further comment on those folks has been edited out of this post. Too much of a downer and not particularly on-topic for a motorcycle travel blog.

I was going to visit the little park on the Colorado River, by the dam, for the grass and broadleaf trees. A refreshing change… but the area was made off-limits to the public.

With the way things are, I don’t even know which direction I’ll take when I leave. That will need to be determined later, as things (hopefully) settle down. For the first month of travel it’ll likely consist of dispersed camping well away from civilization & others, self-pay gas stops, and self-serve checkout at supermarkets (Walmart, if available) for food. No people contact at all and I’m getting good at remembering to sanitize my hands both before and after using the gas pump, going into a store, and etc. Most folks only do it afterwards, but that doesn’t prevent their own cooties, if any, from being passed on.

A small reservoir on the opposite side of the road from the canal. Quacking ducks, a fishing boat, and lots of hungry insects. This is why my usual hikes are in the dry lava rock areas.

We’ll just see how it goes and adapt once the time comes. Stress from fear and worry is very bad for one’s health, you know?

P.S.—I got one of these cooling neck thingies last summer and it’ll serve in place of a face mask at need. Just pull it up over my mouth and nose, like a bandit!



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