Hiking Isolation

Another day, another walk in the Arizona mountains. It couldn’t be much more isolated. A trip to the grocery is handled just as it would if I still “sheltered at home” back in the Yuma area. Wilderness camping has to be the ultimate in self-isolation.

Smooth, well-maintained forest roads. Kudos to the Forest Service.

Things motocamping-related have been going well. Some minor mistakes from which I learn; mostly fun. I think this will work out nicely. I’m looking forward to the months ahead with a bit of excitement and anxiety—the latter being the natural result of freedom, of having many options, according to Søren Kierkegaard’s The Concept of Anxiety.

An Arizona mountain lake at 9000 ft. Brisk & breezy.

I couldn’t ask for better weather. Sunny 70s, though a little on the chilly side at night, near 40°. Occasional gusty winds to challenge how well my tent stakes (for the tarp) are pounded in. It looks like I’ll get to see how my camping setup does in rain this coming weekend. It had to happen sometime, right? Fortunately it’s forecast to be light and only part of the afternoon(s). We’ll see how it goes.

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