Smelling the Roses

Veteran long-term motorcycle travelers warn of the newbie urge to go too quickly from place to place. They say that it takes six weeks to settle into a journey, to feel like it’s the new normal. I admit I felt a little push at first to keep riding down the road, but I think the nine years or so of full-time RV travel gave me an inoculation. I’ve almost been a couple weeks in one place and I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Tiny yellow flowers on the side of the road

I’m kind of getting into a rut with my hiking, however, and I think I’ll be happy to move on in another day or two. Right now I’m mostly taking a forest road up around 1000 feet to a lake at 9000 feet, a round trip of seven or 8 miles depending on my route. It’s a good workout but I think some new hikes would be nice.

Reed pods (?) on the side of the lake

In keeping with the recommendations and with my own current inclinations, I’m not moving more than 100 miles to my next camping spot. Quite a bit less than 100 miles actually.

Yellow weed flowers on the side of the forest road

It’s forecast to be colder for the next week, getting down into the 30s at night, so I will discover whether or not my current camping set up is comfortable at such temperatures. I already found out in the past day that rain is not that big a deal. Though of course I wouldn’t want to be caught in a storm that lasted for days!

A rainy night

And by two weeks from now a whole bunch of campgrounds in many states will finally reopen. That will make life a lot easier for me. I sure wouldn’t mind restrooms, water spigots, and especially hot showers! Every so often, that is. I still plan to do dispersed camping in the forests for nearly all of my overnights.

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