One Last Hike

I’ll be moving on again tomorrow morning. This is been a pleasant couple of weeks and I’m sure I’ll come back again someday. It was also nice meeting up with a friend and their dog.

Coffee Girl

I had one last hike this morning and then I had to go to town for this and that so that I won’t have to do it tomorrow morning as I travel to my new location. Hopefully I’ll find hiking there as good as I found it here.

These are popping up all over lately

Is it odd that I’m not mentioning motorcycles in what is ostensibly a motorcycle blog? It would be strange in most of them. I shall be looking at the journey as a whole, however, which is certainly via motorcycle, but which also includes hiking and camping and all sorts of other things as they come to me. You have been warned.


A post on photography is a definite possibility, for example. My travel zoom died – it turns on video recording nearly every time I try to move the zoom control – and my 2016 iPhone SE has a bad battery. So I got a used iPhone 11 Pro in mint condition to replace the both of them. All photos on this page are from the new one.

One last pic of the mountain lake

WordPress crunches down the photos to fit on the page and reduces the resolution so that they don’t take five minutes each to load, so they’re not as good looking as they are on my smartphone with full resolution and its XDR (eXtended Dynamic Range) display. I’m pretty happy with the new iPhone’s photographic qualities.

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