I’m still high up in the White Mountains of Arizona where it’s cool. Sometimes too cool. The night before last it was 35°! I was hanging out here until I received a general delivery package, and I got that yesterday, so I might be moving on tomorrow or Monday. I see some heavy winds forecast for early next week. I’d like to be where it’s less gusty, if possible.

At a tiny spring like this I use a cup to fill the bag

The place I’m at now has a spring a quarter mile away and I don’t have to go to town every time I run out of water. I purify it with the Sawyer system: a gallon bag that hangs and drips through a filter into a container. I’ve used it extensively before when campground hosting in primitive places, for two months in Colorado and five weeks in Nevada. It works well.

Set or hang the bag somewhere and be patient as it does its thing

The other thing that keeps me from making frequent trips to town is a solar charger to keep my gadgets functional. Actually, with the current situation where you can’t enter a coffee shop and plug into the wall socket I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t have this. Sure, I can tap into the 12v accessory outlet while I’m riding the motorcycle but that’s not very efficient if I don’t need to go anywhere.

A 28W fold-up portable solar panel system charging a 20000mAh battery

As long as the sun is shining I’m good to go! I have two auxiliary batteries—20000mAh and 25000mAh—that I try to keep topped off in case of days without much sunlight. So far so good.

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