Falling Down

As any experienced overlanding motorcycle rider will warn, eventually you’re going to drop the bike. It finally happened to me on a soft dirt plus deeply rutted forest road. I was just inching around trying to find a flattish spot where I could put down the kickstand and it started going over. At that point it’s best to get off, let it go. I did.

Everything up and returned to normal, campsite made

No harm, just a bit of hassle getting it back up. Most of the luggage needed to come off before my meager muscles could do the deed. It was where I intended to camp, so most was coming off anyway.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of, er, hanging this hammock

It could have been worse.

Never Underestimate The Phoenix Recreationist

Crossing half of Arizona on Sunday morning wasn’t the best idea. It was absolutely incredible how many weekenders were rushing back to their homes from an outdoor weekend after the Arizona “Shelter in Place” directive was rescinded by the Governor. We’re talking holiday weekend traffic. Pent up demand, clearly. Going west on highway 260 into Payson I got stuck in stop-n-go for a mile and a half before the turnoff towards Phoenix. Happily, my destination was the other direction from there and traffic was more normal.

I’ll chalk it up to experience… though let’s hope this kind of situation doesn’t repeat.

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