Making Lemonade

On a Wednesday morning after the major holiday it’s a quiet and serene forest that I walk through. Oh that it could be this way all the time! Such a selfish thought comes to me.

Another thought: all the national forests banned campfires early this year mostly because of the pandemic, to keep firefighters and their support healthy and ready for when the unavoidable natural fires begin (e.g. lightning strikes). What if the decrease of human-caused fires is so dramatic that they make it an annual decree? And eventually ease into banning dirty, smelly, dangerous campfires entirely?

When I recall all the days I suffered with scratchy throat, cough, and red, itchy eyes as a campground host—including last summer on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon—it sounds wonderful!

There are excellent alternatives, even portable campfire rings that run on propane, that aren’t too expensive and are so much like the real thing that two years ago as a campground host, during a fire ban, I opened my mouth to tell some campers to put it out when I realized it was a fake.

People will disagree, but to me such a result would be a very good thing, a positive coming out of the pandemic reactions.

• •——————• •

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